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We have a comprehensive food support ministry 52 weeks a year.
We believe that our faith directs us to love our neighbour. Regardless of their faith, race, gender, sexuality, economic status of political ideology.  
‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ Mark 12:31

Food Inequality - Partnering with various organisations and businesses including, local market traders and national charities such as fareshare/felix project  

We distribute food to those in our local community who need support due to the cost of living crisis, problems with benefits system, ill health or challenging life experiences and a lack of local support. 

Our food bank is run by volunteers from our community.
To get access to our foodbank you present yourself as a person in need or are referred by a professional organisation that we partner with. 
Cooking SkillsWe are fortunate to have several volunteers who are catering professionals which we utilise to teach cookery workshops, these workshops are always fun and well attended .
Food Waste - We are passionate about preventing food waste.  Instead of binning food waste we use it to produce  compost  and use it in our community garden. 

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